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Through our regular information podcasts direct from Hoskin Financial Planning and its associated experts you can choose to listen to the latest podcast episodes covering a wide range of information for your guidance on different financial services industry news, topics and advice.

Hoskin Financial Planning are Independent Financial Advisers, based in Maldon, Essex, England regulated by the Financial Services Authority so all our podcasts give an impartial independent view  so you can stay ahead of the market changes.

What is a Podcast ?

A Podcast is a digital media consisting of a series of audio files which you can subscribe to, downloaded or just streamed through your computer or mobile phone.

A “Podcast” in essence is about creating content for an audience that wants to listen, when they want, where they want and how they want.

So how does it work ?

Our Podcast service is a weekly compilation of Interviews, Question Time, Answering Emailed in Questions and FREE Financial Advice and News. Think of us as your FREE Financial experts acting as your agony aunts, general life gurus and practical information and advice. Download and listen to the lastest episodes or get involved by emailing in your questions or contact us for a live interview.

How to use our audio podcasts

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  2. Click the triangle PLAY button to begin playing the latest episode of any podcast. You may have to click it twice! (Alternatively, clicking the Direct Download link will copy a file to your computer where you can listen using your browser’s default media player).

This is just a brief summary about our Hoskin Financial Podcast service please contact us for more information.